Straight Pride Parade protesters demonstrate intolerance and hypocrisy

On Saturday, August 31, a Straight Pride Parade and rally took place in Boston. This provided an opportunity for so-called liberals to take to the streets and demonstrate their intolerance and hypocrisy.

The protesters chanted things such as “Boston hates you,” “go away,” “f*** you,” and “Nazi scum, get off our streets.” They ridiculed the fact that fewer people attended the parade than the protests against it. And they ridiculed the classical music that played as rally organizers waited for more supporters to arrive, saying “Your music is 500 years old, just like your values.” (What does how old values are have to do with whether they are right or wrong?) They taunted police officers, asking “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” (as if protecting an unpopular minority against a bullying majority is a bad thing). They pointed their middle fingers as the parade made its way down Boylston Street and as the rally began on City Hall Plaza. One protester screamed, “What do you have to be proud of? What have you done?” (Can you imagine what the reaction would be if someone asked this of gay pride demonstrators?)

One man who had the courage to stand in the crowd holding a sign that read “hetero pride” was quickly surrounded by a crowd of people who yelled at and insulted him. Another brave individual holding a Gadsden flag was mobbed by screaming, swearing protesters who called him a “f***ing fascist” and stampeded after him as he attempted to leave. And the protesters inexplicably decided to gang up on a random journalist, grilling him on where he went to journalism school and expressing doubt that he was a real journalist.

The following is a sampling of signs that I saw among the protesters:

  • “Straight People Be Straight F***ing Up My Saturday”
  • “Oppressor Cannot Be Oppressed”
  • “Straight Pride is Troll Pride”
  • “Straight Pride is Hate Pride”
  • “F*** Straight Pride”
  • “Straight pride: the biggest collection of a**holes in one parade since we chased out the British in 1776”
  • “Look at all the straight-flakes!”
  • “Fake Parade! Sad!”
  • “It’s gr8 you’re str8 now get over it!”
  • “Nazi punks f*** off!”
  • “Eat sh** Nazi scum”
  • “Never stop punching Nazis”
  • “You’re embarrassing yourselves”
  • “Boo you suck”
  • “No hate in our state”
  • “You’re not welcome”
  • “You’re going to hell, hetero”

So, to sum up, the protesters personally insulted straight people as a whole by saying that straight people are oppressors, are “snowflakes,” were “f***ing up” their day, and are going to hell because of their orientation. They hurled various personal attacks, insults, and profanities at the parade participants and advocated violence against them. They called the parade participants Nazis, even though they come from a variety of ideologies, none of which really has anything in common with Nazism. They made the factually inaccurate claim that the parade was “fake” (no, it wasn’t the largest parade ever, but as you can see in my pictures below, it was very much a real parade). And while doing all this, they characterized the views of the Straight Pride supporters as “hate.”

The protesters have things completely backward. The Straight Pride Parade was about nothing more than straight people expressing pride in who they are. It wasn’t saying that being straight is better than being gay. It wasn’t showing hatred or intolerance towards anyone. On the other hand, the thousands of people who took to the streets of Boston to protest demonstrated a considerable amount of hatred and intolerance towards anyone whose views are different from their own. They held signs condemning hate at the same time as they chanted, “Boston hates you.” What could be more hypocritical than that?

One of the main arguments against the parade is that straight people don’t need a parade because they haven’t historically been discriminated against as gay people have been. But the protesters’ reaction proves the parade organizers right. Protesters, you are the ones who decided to gather en masse to scream at, insult, ridicule, swear at, make obscene gestures at, surround, and chase down the street people who had the audacity to express a minority opinion. You are the ones stating that those who have different viewpoints than you are not welcome in your city. You are the trolls. You are the ones expressing hate. And you are the ones who are embarrassing yourselves.

Protesters being arrested on Boylston Street.
“It’s gr8 you’re str8, now get over it!” Gay people are not told to “get over” their identity. Why are straight people expected to do so?
A T-rex leads the parade.
Make normalcy normal again.
The parade rolls down Boylston Street with heavy police presence.
Black, gay, and not a liberal.
Include, don’t exclude. Words that the protesters should have heeded.
The Super Happy Fun America float.
Antifa members protesting the rally at City Hall Plaza.
“No hate in our state” – ironic because the protesters were the ones truly being hateful.
No, straight pride is neither “hate pride” nor “troll pride.”
“Boo you suck” … what a mature, respectful way of expressing disagreement.
Another thoughtful, respectful sign.
Protesters classily expressing their disapproval of the rally.
So many things that I disagree with on this sign that I don’t even know where to begin!
Because apparently, expressing unpopular views despite a mob of intolerant bullies yelling at, swearing at, and insulting you makes you a coward. What does being part of said mob make you, I wonder…
Putting people you disagree with in a cage… sounds very tolerant and inclusive to me.