A**hole of the day: littleauntsherry

For reasons that I cannot comprehend, someone decided to leave the following extraordinarily idiotic comment on an Instagram post by Breyer model horses about a Secretariat-themed coloring contest:

First of all, thoroughbreds do not end up being slaughtered. That statement is factually incorrect.

Second, perhaps Breyer supports horse racing because it has to do with horses, and Breyer is a model horse company? Just a thought. 

Third, um, yes, Breyer follows the official Kentucky Derby Instagram account. Why would that be surprising to anyone? To repeat, Breyer is a model horse company. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that they would follow and support other brands, companies, and organizations that also have to do with horses. If anything, it would be strange if Breyer didn’t follow the Kentucky Derby on Instagram.

Fourth, I don’t understand Littleauntsherry’s demand that Breyer “join the rest of us in the 21st century.” Littleauntsherry appears to believe that horse racing was more popular in the 20th century than it is in the 21st century. More problematically, she appears to be presuming that if this is true, then it follows that horse racing is bad. This presumption is the apparent motivation behind her demand that Breyer join people in the 21st century by giving up its support for horse racing. But this conclusion does not follow from this premise; therefore there is no justification for Littleauntsherry’s demand. The century in which something is popular has nothing to do with its goodness or badness. Joining other people in the 21st century is not in any way superior to remaining in the 20th century, and by presuming that it is, Littleauntsherry demonstrates both complete intolerance for people who are different than her, as well as a complete lack of logic.

As you can see above, things get even worse when a logical and reasonable person has the audacity to call out Littleauntsherry on her BS. She responds in a way that is even more nonsensical and idiotic than her original comment.

Why is Littleauntsherry telling Southdakodo to google horse racing? This simply makes no sense. Southdakodo is the one who is telling Littleauntsherry that she is talking about things she knows nothing of… not the other way around. Yet Littleauntsherry is acting as if Southdakodo is the one lacking knowledge. She is even stating that Southdakodo is on a “quest for knowledge,” which Southdakodo has done nothing to indicate is the case. Littleauntsherry may very well believe that Southdakodo lacks knowledge. But if this is what she is claiming, then she needs to actually state it, as opposed to presuming it, because as is, her response makes no sense.

Making matters even worse, Littleauntsherry chooses to ridicule Southdakodo’s username for no apparent reason other than to be mean-spirited and cruel.

In conclusion, Littleauntsherry’s comments on this Breyer post exemplify the stuck-up, self-righteous, and mean-spirited attitudes of so many in our society. She claims to be advocating for the well-being of horses, when in reality she is needlessly introducing meanness and nastiness into an innocent, happy, and fun post, insulting and attacking a company that did nothing wrong, demonstrating a complete lack of logic, and ridiculing a fellow Instagram user who did nothing wrong. As is so frequently the case in our society, it is the people who most vociferously claim to value decency, humane treatment, and kindness, who are in reality the most cruel, mean-spirited, and nasty. If a person actually cared about being kind, their very first order of business would be abstaining from actively and gratuitously inflicting pain on others.

Yet actively and gratuitously inflicting pain on others is exactly what Littleauntsherry is doing here.

The real question that I have for Littleauntsherry is: why would you leave such a mean-spirited, idiotic, and illogical series of comments? All you’ve accomplished by doing so is to show off your self-righteousness, cruelty, nastiness, meanness, and intolerance.